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[Verse 1]

This my dream,
Light up with the gasoline,
Spark up and motivate,
Build the pressure up on my plate,
Man I'm conceal my fate,
Never put it up to your hands, hands,
But damn it's so late,
You lost like 50 fans, damn,
When you really run away,
Give back to the holidays,
The things that we always love,
Change for a minute man just look above,
Be yourself for just one day,
Just what you see in the mirror hey,
Don't even have the words to say,
It's all up to you at the end of the day,
Gambling, you an Alcoholic,
The world was yours and I'm acting brolic,
Honestly like a flower that never frolics,
From these pits of hell, when you on that carousel,
Spinning around your life is hurting,
Only child just constantly moving,
But damn I know it's difficult,
Find your balance and everything's gon' be minuscule,
Just make sure that you pay your dues,
As long as you got that love and trust,
Flowing right now through your system shut,
Evaluating never giving up,
And I just want to tell you that I feel it son,
Feel it more then ever son.

[Kid Speech]

[Verse 2]

Maybe I'm,
Tripping out and seeing 9,
On the cloud that I worship,
Read knowledge man and I forfeit,
But, it's a mistake that you made, that had us all fighting over,
That money, that came too early when you weren't really sober,
But I learnt a lot, no matter what kinda pills you popped,
And I had to get my bank, keyboard on who the hell you thank,
For the musical, creations that I really do,
Everybody stepping up to the plate it's kinda cool and I dig it dude,
Damn respect the musician cause all of this shit is so damn hard,
Had to do it for myself, supporting fam and I had no car,
But I worked my way up and did what I had to do,
Killed the radio first year on, I was so inspired by you,
But I look to the future, for better things to come my way,
Never ever meant to hurt ya, just my work cut you out the way,
That's just life I suppose, watch your back and you watch them foes,
No matter what someone say, you'll be getting punked by all these hoes,
Just learn to avoid that shit, by all these means that's necessary,
That's my only life lesson, just try and take it to the cemetery.


from D​.​R​.​A​.​W. (Do Right And Win), released August 25, 2014




Def Manic Manhattan, New York

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