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[Verse 1]

Erykah, Erykah, where the hell you been,
Can't believe you turned your life all the way to the streets,
Man what the fuck would you do if I left you,
Would you keep moving forward, and prove that your special,
I'll let you,
But dammit and you really broke and needing that rescue,
I got love for everything you do and man its so stressful,
That I'm rhyming with the words of these past ancestors,
Haven't met them yet in my past life I just might enter,
Another scope of life, surrounded by a bitch and wife,
Gotta make it no matter how I'm gonna pass this strife,
But dammit I, give props to them who camouflage,
Get away from the troubles in their lives till they realize,
It's not the fucken right way that they are doing it,
Always been pursuing it, till I saw you passed out in the gutter,
Another man finished his job and kicked you out,
A lot of potential decided up on another route,
And I'm really sorry, wasn't ever there when you needed it,
My greediness, steered you into the wrong disobedience,
And I'm feeling it worst every singular day,
Sometimes I don't even have the fucken right words to say,
To fix up something that wasn't even partially my fault.


[Verse 2]

Erykah, Erykah, where the hell you been,
Can't believe you turned your life all the way to the streets,
And I took a lot of my time when I trust you,
Give it to these people that talk shit and cuff you,
But just understand that they are just doing their job,
No use arguing or fussing or just praying to God,
For another chance at doing it all better at life,
You had a baby it's not yours, take care of it right,
It may be difficult for you to get some more of the cash,
But just promise that you'll stop on the corner selling your ass,
Cause your body is a temple you gotta learn to respect it,
No matter what somebody says just never neglect it,
Cause they'll leave you bruised, crying on the corner at night,
Then you confused, wondering why you cant be a wife,
Man that's just the sad part of it all,
Give your everything and just watch how you fall,
It's a cruel world, wasn't meant for some us to really live,
But we here now might as well stick it out and do our bid,
Was really proud when you got your first crib,
But it's sad to see what living in it really did,
Another brothel just damaged by the system,
Man I hope you don't come out of this as another fucken victim.



from D​.​R​.​A​.​W. (Do Right And Win), released August 25, 2014




Def Manic Manhattan, New York

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