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[Verse 1]

And I, never get told shit motherfuckers stay low key, in my family,
Barely know anything about me, people that raised me,
And the ones that raised them with their friends and their colleagues,
Social pressures gotta act manly,
Reality struck unbelievably, far and wide where the evil be,
Damn like an outsider in my own home, and it's likely,
That i'll never feel close to anybody again,
Sorry to offend or vent but it's a must
Been fucked over way too many times to trust, and its signs of lust, its scandalous,
Wow another lifestyle I'm tryna live,
Praise to the King and the feast we begin, damn
I learnt the hard way with Juice and Gin,
That Snoop Dogg really gon' portray to me,
High School bitches spill the tray on me,
Hard way of learning the struggles of life,
Poetic injustice that I convey on the mic,
It's like, why the fuck do I even have a phone,
No responses when I keep it on the low,
People start hitting me up just to hang,
When I'm busy as hell doing work it's insane,
But when I'm bored outta my mind sometimes,
I can't catch a break its selfish so I write rhymes,
Honestly I feel like I'm only liked just as a rapper,
But not as a friend who's got thoughts to capture,
Or these emotions that project in laughter.

[Chorus x2]

Ya'll don't understand me,
Ya'll don't see what I've seen,
You want what I just can't be,
Hip hop is what made me.

[Verse 2]

Damn last saw you in the open note,
Last word spoken to me made me choke,
And I can't believe that you overdosed,
We were just friends to the very end,
Told me to go fuck myself before it sends,
All the wrong messages in the lens,
Really worked hard just to gon' make you stop,
Borrowed money from me to get clean,
Never ended up happening, was the dream,
And it all became shattered,
Loyalty the only thing that ever really mattered,
Down to me and my family,
But I guess you're part of Gods plan now,
Wish you had kids so I could make them proud,
Carry on your name above the ground,
But that's life i guess,
Take everything away from you, not to stress,
But how the fuck am I supposed to chill,
How the fuck am I supposed to eat,
It all became as sad as that robbery,
That was pulled onto me,
Sends chills down my back that you gone,
And I can't believe that I'm really writing this song.

[Chorus x2]

Ya'll don't understand me,
Ya'll don't see what I've seen,
You want what I just can't be,
Hip hop is what made me.


from D​.​R​.​A​.​W. (Do Right And Win), released August 25, 2014




Def Manic Manhattan, New York

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