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[Verse 1]

Damn and I loved you so,
You turned your back but I never ever let you go,
Cause you were the only one that ever gon' care for me,
Remember your funeral man that shit really got to me,
But I guess that's part of life,
One way or another we die lonely in strife,
And it's crazy cause we all do so much just to fight,
For our right to fit in with somebody special,
Now that you mention it, felt it when I met you,
That you were really gonna be the best I had,
No reference to Drake but to the point where I'd meet your fam,
Gladly and I'd go to the patty, chilling with you while I'm in the studio,
So you know I respect your opinion even more then I did before,
Felt closer then ever I did, I realized,
Me and you together living reckless our child just might,
Even grow up to be as cool as us,
I hope so girl, I don't really mean to make a fuss,
But I just think life is beautiful when you appreciate it,
For what it's worth,
I keep going hard with music till it hurts,
Deep in my soul I might regret,
No matter what this is outta respect,
Cause I had to do it for my fucken mans and them,
Broke motherfuckers that had no chance to win,
All these years in the trap and their trying their best,
And they can't catch a break,
Imagine that, it's a lot easier for somebody like you,
With your daddy's money, and the clothes and BMW,
And if it was up to me, my whole family would sin,
But that was the younger kid in me, not the 20 year old,
Who's got goals and ambitions with really somewhere to go,
I wanna escape but you keep me on the low,
Keep me down and depressed with not a place to turn,
Writing poetry man it's like a remedy to burn,
I was teaching you but you never wanna learn,
I guess not everybody's cut out for that,
Just give it your all, mind power in fact,
It's a shame our relationship wasn't picturesque,
Everybody wants the same but that's just life i guess.



from D​.​R​.​A​.​W. (Do Right And Win), released August 25, 2014




Def Manic Manhattan, New York

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