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[Verse 1]
Ok listening to Manic, have your thoughts stricken and panic,
Kill em all, Write a song, Strip your ball, Play along,
Never thought I'd ride along, when I'm coming with these rivals,
And these elders tryna crush my dream, I'm losing all of my idols,
So I get to the rapping, I'm avid though, unbelievable when your about to blow,
Mexico, doing what I do, when bitches really wanna give head to go,
And I can't really stop myself, take your contribution with a grain of salt,
Everybody wanna be the next, Mike or the Spike Lee,
I be myself and I make that shit unlikely,
No matter what it's comfortable,
I just wanna win a Gammy but my pops said it's impossible,
Fuck that shit no matter what, I do what I can and I raise the bar,
Never comprehend what it's like to beat the jungle and Ima make it far.

"There comes a time,
In every mans life,
Where he, must stand up and fight for humility,
And against the forces that create poverty,
For that, is only a distant dream"

[Verse 2]
Tired of saying I'm tired of it when I haven't even really achieved this shit,
Back to the rat race I am in,
Consequentially here to win,
Don't really care about you rappers, that just wanna constantly talk and act,
Like everybody that's on mainstream radio, never really understood that fact,
Just let your personality shine out to the hills of Colorado,
I naturally let myself be the greatest just to see a better tomorrow,
And I'm sorry if that's too political,
I envy the fool, that dropped outta school,
To make a better life then those who were cool, and everybody really appreciates you dude,
Goddamnit and I'm really loving Hip Hop,
Only thing there for me when all of this poverty struck,
Kill em with kindness like Danny Devito all in his prime,
Or maybe do it like Joe Pesci when you ain't arriving on time,
Miley Cyrus teaching these young girls how to Twerk,
While Drake teaching em how to stay loyal, man it's gon' work,
Fuck these reality shows, nothing at all to be learnt,
Brainwashed people that had half of all their feelings burnt.

[Chorus x2]
They stand before me,
But they can't control me,
So Ima keep it real now,
So take a walk on my ground.

[Verse 3]
Messed with the mistress,
Step to my mission,
Fuck with the bitches,
And I know,
Are you Asian or not?
Maybe I could take you back to my spot,
Is really how I used to think,
When I was young and believed that I was King,
When every day at least contained a feast,
Different when I had no food to eat,
Life is a constant cycle of struggle and a bit of fun,
Work hard for your funds, heart broken by love and I'm really done,
Gotta get rid of the pain, swallowing drugs,
And it's shocking that I had to see you in that state of mind, it's fucked.

[Chorus x2]
They stand before me,
But they can't control me,
So Ima keep it real now,
So take a walk on my ground.


from D​.​R​.​A​.​W. (Do Right And Win), released August 25, 2014




Def Manic Manhattan, New York

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